For International Students Recruitment Companies

Thank you for your intention to cooperate with V.I. Vernadsky Crimean Federal University in recruitment of international candidates to study.

Notice: March 11, 2024 is set as the deadline for the submission of the documents by the recruitment companies for the medical specialties.

In case the company is planning to recruit international candidates for all of the specialties offered at the University, except for the medical specialties the application and documents should be submitted no later than 15 (fifteen) working days before the expected date of concluding a cooperation agreement

Our university is interested in international students in different fields of study.

The University has a bachelor’s program in the field of training 08.03.01 “Civil engineering” with the focus on “Industrial and civil engineering” and also master’s program in the field of training 38.04.01 “Economics” with the focus on “International Economics and Trade Policy” and “Economics & Business” in English.

The information about admission rules and tuition fees you may find by the following links:

  1. Admission rules.
  2. View information on our annual tuition fees for students commencing their studies at University in 2023.
  3. View the list of vocational, undergraduate and postgraduate programmes we offer at our academic units and branches. 

Vernadsky CFU cooperates with companies only after signing a Cooperation agreement.

Please be informed that Vernadsky CFU does not enter into any contracts granting an exclusive right to any company to recruit international candidates to the University.

Prior to drafting a cooperation agreement, we kindly ask you send us the following:

1) Copies of the following documents signed by the authorized representative and officially sealed by the organization, specifying the date on which the copies were sealed and signed, which must not be earlier than 10 days before the date of submission, and their certified Russian translations:

  • Constituent document(s) of your organization (with their amendments and annexes);
  • Certificate of state registration;
  • Certificate of Registration with the Tax Authorities;
  • Documents confirming that a certain person has the authority to sign the agreement on behalf of the organization:
  • Chief Executive Officer / Director — a copy of the resolution of the legal entity’s authorized body on appointment of the organization’s CEO/Director (original copy) signed by the authorized representative and officially sealed by the organization;
  • Other person — officially sealed copy of a power of attorney confirming that the person has the authority to sign the agreement on behalf of the organization;
  • License for the activities conducted (if applicable);

2) Extract from the State Register of Legal Entities issued not later than one month before the date of submission;

3) Organization’s details: full name, address, web-site, e-mail address, phone numbers.

4) Detailed information about the Universities in Russia your company work with, including information on the number/specialties/countries of students recruited per each year of cooperation with each university, contacts (tel., e-mail) of people who may recommend your organization in the named universities.

Please inform us also about your representative in Crimea (Simferopol) to help students and keep contact with CFU.

A list of the main criteria for assessing information from partner companies and prospective partner companies for the conclusion of cooperation agreements for Academic Year 2024-2025 is given below:

  • Date of submission of documents by the company;
  • Completeness of the documents and information relating to the company and its management submitted;
  • Provision of recommendations on the work of prospective partner student recruitment companies and contact details of the person(s) who prepared the recommendations;
  • Submission of similar applications by prospective partner companies to the University in 2015-2024;
  • Country of registration of the company (preference is given to companies registered in the Russian Federation and / or having a representative office in the Republic of Crimea);
  • Availability of the company’s website;
  • List of fields of study at the University into which the company intends to recruit students;
  • Expected number of international students to be recruited in Academic Year 2024-2025;
  • List of countries from which the company intends to recruit students for the medical specialties in Academic Year 2024-25 (preference is given to companies planning to recruit from the following countries of the world: Algeria, Vietnam, Ghana, Egypt, Zimbabwe, Jordan, Iran, China, Lebanon, Malaysia, Namibia, Nigeria, Palestine, Latin America, Tunisia, South Africa);
  • Track record of cooperation with Vernadsky CFU;
  • Timeliness and completeness of annual reports submitted;
  • Academic performance of previously recruited international students;
  • The number and academic performance of previously recruited international students for Preparatory departments
  • Compliance with the legislation of the Russian Federation of previously recruited international students
  • Timeliness and efficiency of communications with the Office of International Affairs and the University;
  • The presence in the register of recruiting agencies of the Main State Center for Education Evaluation, created jointly with the Education Export Center of the Russian Federation;
  • Recommendations of the Embassies in the Russian Federation of those countries from which it is planned to recruit international students;
  • Security Office’s opinion / assessment;
  • Conclusion of the Ministry of Science and Higher Education of the Russian Federation;
  • Other competitive advantages.

Documents should be submitted to:

Office of International Affairs

ul.Bespalova, 45-B, Simferopol, Russian Federation, 295023

For more details please contact Mr. Leonid Zelenin, Head, International Cooperation and Protocol Division V.I. Vernadsky Crimean Federal University by e‑mail or by phone +3652-51-65-18.